burgers served from 11am

Our burgers are made with 100% free range British Beef and grilled with our special seasonings. Served in a toasted brioche bun and accompanied by our red apple and celery coleslaw.


*add a bowl of nachos to your burger for just £4.50*


*add an extra patty for just £2*


the classic ~ £8.50

freshly made beef patty with special seasoning.

served with pickled gherkins, sliced beetroot, sweet red onions, chutney and crisp lettuce

add jalapeños £1 ~ bacon £1~ cheese £1~ halloumi £1

hawaiian ~ £9.75

beef patty topped with homemade bbq sauce, grilled pineapple, red onions, smokey bacon cheddar cheese and crisp lettuce

add jalapeños ~ £1


gents burger ~ £9.75

a tower of smoked bacon, pulled pork and cheddar sit on top of our classic burger

add jalapeños £1 ~ pineapple £1 ~ halloumi £1

stilton burger ~ £9.00

beef patty topped with stilton cheese, sliced beetroot, crushed salted tortilla chips, sweet red onions and lettuce

add bacon £1 ~ jalapeños £1 ~ pineapple £1

falafel burger ~ £8.50

grilled spicy herb falafel with pickled gherkins, sweet red onions, beetroot, crisp lettuce and a red onion chutney

add jalapeños £1 ~ pienapple £1 ~ halloumi £1 ~ cheddar £1

big greedy ~ £9.50

homemade burger sauce, gherkins, spring onions, toasted sesame seeds, cheddar cheese and salted tortilla chips top our beef patty with crisp lettuce

add bacon £1 ~ jalapeños £1 ~ pineapple £1

lunch ~ served from 11am


grilled cheese toastie ~ £7.00

our special blend of mature cheddar & gruyère cheese, locally baked sourdough bread & pickled gherkins

add bacon £1 ~ pineapple £1 ~ sweet red onions £1  ~ jalapeños £1 ~ marmite £1

add a side of coleslaw for £1.50

vegan hotdog (vg) ~ £6.90

beechwood smoked tofu weiner in a toasted sub, topped with homemade salsa, guacamole, sweet onions and chopped spring onions

add jalapeños £1 ~ pineapple £1

falafel & beetroot hummus (vg)  ~ £8.90

spiced falafel with a rosewater harissa, couscous, sweet beetroot hummus, dried figs, toasted pistachios, tomato, cucumber & red onion, with toasted sourdough & babyleaf salad

add halloumi £1 ~ jalapeños £1 ~ pineapple £1


nachos ~ £8.50

lightly salted tortilla chips with our special blend of mature cheddar & gruyère cheese, with chopped spring onions, homemade tomato salsa, homemade guacamole & sour cream

add jalapeños £1 ~ pulled pork £2


pulled pork bun ~ £8.50

shoulder of pork in a spiced rub, slow roasted with sage & onion, served in a glazed bun with our homemade sweet bbq sauce or rich apple butter, with pickled gherkins & homemade coleslaw

add cheese £1 ~ bacon £1 ~ jalapeños £1

salad plate (vg) ~ £7.00

our bright mix of fresh herbs, tomato, onion, cucumber, gherkins, beetroot, spring onion, sesame seeds and dried fig
~ add sourdough £1

vegetarian caesar salad ~ £7.50

crisp lettuce leaves with chunky garlic croutons, free range egg and vegetarian Italian cheese. All coated in our special homemade Caesar dressing